First-time house buyer/investor? Want to move up from a condo? Here your chance! 

This house in vibrant Little Portugal is designed so that you can use half of the house, while renting out the other half to help with mortgage payments. Then convert it back to a whole house anytime, simply by opening a door. It’s renovated beautifully and comes with all the furniture, so you can move in and renting it out right away. 

What’s more? The house’s structure is very solid, no crooks, no cracks! Roof’s condition is beautiful. Location is very good for rental with amazing restaurants and shopping just a few steps away, and superb public transit. And there’s parking too!

What’s the catch? 

Well, there’re a few! The little street is not very pretty, but you’ll get the nicest house on the street. The lot is short with no garden space, but it also means no yard work. If you’re a busy person like us, gardening should mean watering a few flower pots and planters, and that’s it! The basement is not very high (~ 6.5 ft), but it’s dry and bright with all above-ground windows. The parking space is tight, but you can squeeze two cars in there when you need to!

That’s it. If you think this will be a good house for you, come and get it!

Floor plan:

The house can be split into two apartments (with Front and Back entrances), simply by closing the door in the middle of the main floor.

Each apartment has two bedrooms and a den, 1.5 bath, a living room, kitchen/dining, laundry, and a compact parking spot.


We love this neighbourhood! We can walk a few steps to a great Portuguese butchershop, Pavao, the meats there are incredible. Just a few doors down is another Portuguese store, A Lota Seafood & Groceries, which gives us fresh fish and fruits. The chestnuts they import from Portugal every autumn are to die for! Then another few doors down is the unassuming flower shop where we get fresh flowers and plants. The owners are brother and sister, of Chinese descent, who have been in the business for forty years, and of course know so much about flowers. Our hairdresser is another Portuguese shop in the hood for twenty years. In the summer that stretch of Dundas St West is ALIVE with so many cafés, restaurants, bars, and music lounges… in a short walking distance. And of course, you can’t miss Dundas West Fest! We’re sure you’ll come to love the neighbourhood just like we do. Welcome to the hood!